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S.G. Swain - Ballad Of Nickel Joe (C.S.A.)

Ballad Of Nickel Joe (C.S.A.) lyrics - letras - testo

Well there was a young boy named Nickel Joe
he was six foot tall and sixteen years old
Nickel Joe, Nickel Joe

Well Nickel Joe was a Ginny boy
he was his moma's pride and joy -- NJ, NJ

She sent him off to fight in the war
that Johnny Reb really showed 'em what for -- NJ, NJ

In '62 and '63 he served the cause with General Lee
Nickel Joe, Nickel Joe

Thru battle won and battles lost
he stood his ground and damned the cost -- NJ, NJ

Well Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson
swore they never saw such a boy in action
as Nickel Joe, Nickel Joe

Then came that day at Devil's Den
the South would never rise again -- NJ, NJ

They buried him up in Gettysburg
that's the last was ever heard
of Nickel Joe, Nickel Joe

The stars and bars and stars and stripes
wave beneath the stars tonight
o'er Nickel Joe, Nickel Joe

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