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S.P.O.C.K. - Astrogirl

Astrogirl lyrics - letras - testo

She was a beauty queen with the future in her hand,
full of dreams and a ticket to wonderland
Young and innocent, ready for action,
trying everything for some satisfaction
She fell deeper and deeper without success,
met the wrong guys and got stuck in a mess
So now she works at a sleazy place
in a red light quadrant of space
Astrogirl - why don't you leave this world?
I've been watching her for a while,
those tender eyes and her beutiful smile
The way she serves the drinks and acts polite,
and then disappears when the price is right
But I can see that there is something wrong,
it's very obvious that she doesn't belong
I wish there was something I could do,
to help her start something new
Astrogirl - why don't you leave this world?

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