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S.W.V. - It’s All About You

It’s All About You lyrics - letras - testo

Hey, yeah, yeah, oo, yeah, it´s all about you
Oh yeah, aw yeah, yeah

Yesterday changed my mind
Now I see you as one of a kind
How I really need you
Hope you feel the same way too
´Cuz if you look, you´ll find
It´s me ya need in your life

1-It´s really not about me
It´s really all about you

It´s driving me crazy, can´t figure you out
How to keep you steady going this route
Tell me that you feel the same
The thought has crossed, you won´t remain
Just to think that I, could bring joy in your life
(rpt 1)

I know what you´re going through
Every girl expects from you
They just want to take control
You never have to figure out
I´m one woman who´s not with that crowd
You gotta believe me
(rpt 1)

So I´ll give you time
To let go of what´s hurting inside
(rpt 1...)

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