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A Match Like Memory - The Last Frame

The Last Frame lyrics - letras - testo

Your story is what you've made it, and sometimes I don't like to take part Let me post myself up on this wall, and you just throw these darts Forget me, like you knew me You think you've got what I have lost Let me just leave it all like its never happened So hey! Take my life, you already took my heart Best friends! Till the end, but not by my watch I've gotten better (I've gotten better) Though my pain has gotten redder Can I just walk away with one arm tied behind my back? This time last year I was hoping for the end (I was hoping for the end) I heard the same lies everyday (everyday) We haven't spoken a word since the fall (spoken since the fall) And I like it better this way (I like it better this way) You're not my friend.

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