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A Moments Peace - Refuse Defuse

Refuse Defuse lyrics - letras - testo

Anger has filled your core compassion exists there no more your temper explodes abnormal function mind is set on my destruction slap my face to prove I'm weak I bear your insult and turn the cheek strike again with no reply get even madder and wonder why I refuse to fan your flame maybe one day you'll feel the shame I will not give in to my hate I pray that one day you will relate the lord has said vengeance is mine even though I might be angry
inside he will give me the strength that I need to step aside and allow him to intervene and if I repay evil for evil I condemn myself and promise future reprisals I'm not any different than you we both have ways of dealing with things we go through give it up don't let hate eat you alive the love of hate will leave to your demise the love of love now that's foolproof I pray that one day you'll embrace this simple truth we cannot give into violence anymore if someone does you wrong do right by them you'll find that you'll win in the end

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