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Richard Orange - Listen to the Words

. . . . . .
I wish you'd never blown out the candle
I wish you'd never turned out the light
It didn't help me see
It didn't help me fight
And it put a waking sleep in my night
Sleep in my night
Why'd you ever come here from Dallas
Memphis couldn't offer a thing that you don't
Already have and you can't even sing
And you weren't looking for a husband
And you wouldn't choose me if I was one and the
Whole world knows it.
I know that you know it too
Why don't you ever listen to the words?
Why don't you ever listen to the words?
It's the stuff in the middle I know you've
never heard

I'm not interested in specifics
I don't want to push too fast
I'm only concerned with happiness
and that's not too much to ask
I wish you'd....

I wish you'd never covered my threshold
I wish you'd never stood in my door it didn't help
me much and it hurt me more
And you could've let me know before
Well the whole world knew it
You must have has some idea

Why don't you ever listen to the words?

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