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Avril Lavigne - #1 Maria Vaeguea’s Goodbye

#1 Maria Vaeguea’s Goodbye lyrics - letras - testo

I know I made you mad,
But these are things I have to turn to.
For your safety,I risk my life for you.
So far I'm getting my phone back,but we're gonna go on high alert.
Just write back as soon as possible.
I just forgot to say I love you before I left.

This is my,goodbye to you and,
I just forgot to say goodbye before I left.
So I hope I'm not to late to say I love you,
And I miss you,and this is my goodbye,
Just write back and if I don't answer just stay calm,
Somethins gonna happen but I really dont know what,
This is my good bye.

We hope you're doing well,and so are we.
This is for the safety of all of us,and we want you to come home.
Only because we want you home and safe.
Just listen to us.
Your friends say their all bored and alone.
Why was that your goodbye??{goodbye echoes}

I'm just telling you right now that if I dont come home
I'm saying yes I will
And your prayers are lifting me
Closer and closer to you
I'm just trying to tell you,
That if I don't make it home,
That I really really love you
This is my goodbye

To Tala,Richie,and Angie,and all of Mad Marias friends

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