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Bobby Goldsboro - Battle Rime’s

Battle Rime’s lyrics - letras - testo

You try to flip mad rhyme's
and your trying to make your self sound ill/
You couldn't flip shit on the tumbling
team I'm sick of your flow,
and your weak ass dro/
If you think you can beat me,
come on dog be for real you going against steel/
You keep on playing I'm a have
to drill you in the dirt you wanna beef
wit me and Lil Ceezy/
I'm rockin da Gucci fit head to toe
I even got the gucci rubber in my doe/
cause I stay in your hoe/
Running you over wit the Honda Accord,
then I'm a choke wit my cable cord/
I bet my bottom dolla
I'll make your mom's holla......

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